Wednesday, November 14, 2012

lZucchini Dill Pickles

Sure enough we had a lot of zucchini this year and we make pretty good use of it.   Towards the end of the season when I knew it would soon freeze I picked finger sized zucchini and decided to make pickles out of them.  I love dill pickles so thought I would try it and I liked them.  Texture is just a bit different than cucumber pickles but the taste is great.   This recipe comes from Grandma's Gracious Goodness and is simply her dill pickles made from zucchini.  So if you have pickling cucumbers just use the same recipe for regular dill pickles.

For each quart of pickles, add 2 TB sugar to each bottle, a couple of sliced garlic buds, and put in the cucumbers, adding dill weed as you go.  One package of dill will do from4-6 quarts.  Boil together 5 C water, 3 C vinegar, 6 TB non-iodized salt and green food coloring if desired.   Pour boiling liquid over zucchini in bottles.  Wipe tops of bottles, place lids and caps on and tighten.    Water bath pickles for 10 to 15 minutes for a good seal.  Cool and store in a dark place.  Pickles will be ready to use in about three weeks.

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