Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Reuben Sandwich-Pressure Cooker

Happy St. Patrick's Day! At our house we have the tradition of making Reuben sandwiches on or around the 17th, depending on work schedules. In the past I have always cooked my corned beef on the stove for hours till it becomes tender. This year I cooked it in my pressure cooker. Who knew, ok maybe all of you. I found this to be a great technique for cooking corned beef.
It was simple. Put your 3lbs corned beef in the cooker, cover meat with water and add the seasoning packet that comes with it. Secure the lid and bring to pressure (15lbs) and cook for 1 hour and 15 min.
This is our take on the Reuben sandwich. My mother cans her own sauerkraut and so kindly shares so that makes this even better.
Reuben Sandwich
3 lbs Corned Beef
Thousand Island Dressing
Swiss cheese
Rye bread
Butter one side of the pieces of rye bread. Place sliced or shredded corned beef on the non buttered side of the bread, then layer Swiss cheese, then the sauerkraut. On the other piece of bread, on the non-buttered side spread some thousand island dressing and place the bread on the top of the sauerkraut. Cook on a panini grill, fry pan, or griddle, a waffle iron is kind of fun if you don't mind a greasy mess to clean up. Cover with a pan lid to help the cheese melt. Cook on both sides till browned and crisp.

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